How To Prepare To Go Fishing. How Do You Prepare?

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In the late 1990’s my family and I move to the Jackson Lake area. Purchasing a home and property not far from the lake. This was just perfect for us. Sharing a love for fishing and the great outdoors. Bring with us our first boat. We soon settle into our new home and began thinking of going fishing on Jackson Lake. We discovered a number of boat docks in the area where we could launch our boat.

Jackson Lake is a beautiful fresh water man made lake with a lot to offer not just fishing and boating but, to enjoy the great outdoors. We have explored just about every nook and cove on the lake. At least we though we had. Every time we visit to go fishing is a new experience. We have caught a variety of fish in a number a different fish species. Everything from Crappie, Brim, Blue Gill, Catfish, Bass and Stripper. Just sitting out on the lake in our boat enjoying the water is one of our favorite was to spend quality time not only together but, with friends and family also.

As the years have past we had develop a routine for how to prepare to go fishing. Each time we go fishing. First we check all of our tackle, rod reels combos, inspect our fishing lines for breakage. Don’t want to loss that big fish to a brittle line breaking. We make sure to check our life preservers and that we have one for every person in the boat. We even take along a extra one to two just in case. We often take others and sometimes children with us. Never go alone. Let someone know where you are going to be and what time you plan to return. Take a friend or family member with you. We always include a First Aid kit. We make sure we have a valid fishing license. Take a small cooler along for cold drinks. Either soda and or water. If fishing in the hot summer time water and or Gatorade are best when out in the heat.

Before loading our boat we inspect it to. Make sure it is in proper working order and clean. Cleaning your boat after each fishing trip is very important to prevent aquatic hitch hikers and invasive species from our water ways. We check weather conditions the days before and the day of our trip. We make sure we are dress properly for the climate. We fish at different times of year. Sometimes it’s cold but most of time it is warm or hot weather.

Early morning starting in the spring are the best times to go fishing on Jackson Lake. Crappie, Bass and Stripper fishing are the most popular this time of year. Crappie are getting ready to spawn along with a number of other fresh water species. Your state department of natural resources is one of the best places to obtain information at different times of year on what type of fishing is best. Also the current regulations, different species, what the limits are for each species and wells as size limits.
In conclusion. Always remember to put Safety First. Preparing and check all your equipment before hand will make for a safer and more enjoyable trip. This time of year is one of the best times to get out and enjoy fishing and other outdoor activities. Visit us on-line at: to view all our fishing products to upgrade your fishing gear this spring.

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Taking Kids Fishing And What You Will Need to Know:

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Here are some kid fishing tips for adults. Make it a general outdoor adventure. Based on the kids ages you should take some time to talk to them about the outdoors, identify different plants,animals,insects,birds,flowers. Always express safety first. Make it fun and adventurous so they will want to go again and again. If you are an angler and plan to take kids fishing. Make sure to check your tackle. Bring alone extra hooks, fishing line, hook remover tool, long nose pliers and always remember to include a first aid kit. For your new buddies you should also bring along extra hats and caps,clothing,sunscreen,sunglasses,snacks,drinks, and a personal floatation device for everyone attending. When fishing make sure you have the proper license and that you are fishing legally. The fish you are catching are in season and abide by the size and number limits for the species you catch.

Before your adventure with kids. Limit practice with tackle. Kids don’t have to be experts or experienced fishermen. Spend a little time practicing a few days before your trip. Don’t use hooks during practice. Use a small piece of wood or a practice lure. Be prepare to tie knots, rig gear, bait hooks, untangle lines, make a cast and even take fish off the hook. Be sure to let the kids reel in the catch that’s the fun part. It’s a good learning experience and confidence builder for them.

Kids who have never fish before will have the most fun and less problems with spin cast style rod and reels. Spin cast reels allow casting by releasing a thumb button on the reel. Be careful with hooks. For safety buy barbless hooks or use needle nose pliers to bend down the barbs on all hooks being used. This will make it easier to remove hooks snag in clothing and people. Try using simple baits (worms,grass hoppers,crickets or bread) along with a bobber (float) and sinker to fish on the bottom. This lets the fish find the bait instead of the repeated casting required to fish with lures. Also this allows kids to do other things while waiting for a bite. Fish for easily caught fish such as pan fish,sunfish,crappie,brim or catfish. Often these are a nice size fish and catch limits are plentiful for this type of fish. Only keep fish that are legal and you plan to eat. Introducing kids to the catch and release concept of allowing fish to live for future fishing adventures.

Make it a picnic. Bring drinks,snacks and other foods to enjoy. Talking during breaks and meal times is a great time to instill responsibility by pointing out to them the importance of safety and picking up trash, and how discarded hooks and lines harm wildlife. Take all your trash with you and discard in a appropriate trash container. Having fun with kids is part of being a parent, guardian, or friend and to enjoy each adventure on their level. It’s important for kids to enjoy the outdoors and fishing. Make fishing fun with kids. Make your trip short your younger kids. It is better to leave early or when younger kids want to leave. So they remember how much fun they had and will want to go again. It is better for kids to leave a little early and wishing they could stay longer.

If kids are allow to wade or swim in the water require a life preserver or a personal floatation device for each one. When fishing from a boat you must have a Personal Floatation Device for each person on the boat. In some states all kids under a certain age are required to be wearing a life preserver. Check with your States Dept. of Natural Resources for current laws and regulations in your state.

You can introduce kids to nature,the value of the environment, the importance of fish and game laws and the biology and habitat of fish. The fun part is the most important, so that they will want to go again. Such adventures help kids learn about the outdoors and the sport of fishing that they can enjoy their entire lives.

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Fishing Light Colors: Which Color Is Better?

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    Fishing Lights are available in three primary colors: White, Green and Blue. Why White, Green and Blue? And which color is better? Anglers has spent years studying how lights attract fish. And discovered white and green wavelengths of light are most attractive to plankton. Plankton is a primary food of many bait fish, so when plankton gather in the lighted portion of the water, bait fish move in to enjoy the banquet. The bait fish in turn attract game fish looking for an easy meal.

    If you go night fishing, you’ll not only need lights to see by, but Fishing Lights that draw fish close to your boat. Fishing Lights work by attracting tiny animals called plankton, which attract bait fish such as shad, herring and minnows, which in turn attract predator game fish such as bass, crappie, walleye, red fish, speckled trout and other species. Game fish gather near or in the circle of light to feed.

    Plankton migrate to light for reproduction. Green Fishing Lights has the best ability to cause this to happen. White works, too, but white light is absorbed very quickly in water. It doesn’t penetrate very deep so it’s less effective than green, which maintains its color character at much greater depths. Some bait fish and game fish are attracted directly to the lights rather than the plankton or bait, and once again, green is superior for this purpose. In experiments, five different colors of lights were put in the water at the same time, and green always attracted bait (and thus game fish) far better. This fact is common knowledge now among anglers. Green Fishing Lights have quickly become most prevalent.

Blue like green has a greater distance of effective area. But for some reason,
Blue Fishing Lights work in saltwater but won’t attract bait fish in freshwater. For example, when we dropped a blue light in a freshwater lake in North Carolina, Blue back Herring wouldn’t come to it. But green light was very attractive to these bait fish.

    White Fishing Lights are still available and still effective to some extent, but not as effective as green. So when you have a choice, purchasing Green Fishing Lights probably is the best option. And if you still have White Fishing Lights you use, adding one or more green lights will increase the effectiveness of your illumination efforts.

Two primary types of fishing lights are Floating or Submersible Fishing Lights, and Mountable or Dock Fishing Lights are used for night fishing. Floating or Submersible lights are used to attract fish and can be used separately or in combination. While also providing more above the water lighting for tying knots, hooking bait and unhooking fish. Floating Lights were the standard of night fishermen for many years, but the users of these lights often had to contend with annoying swarms of insects drawn to the lights along with fish. For this and other reasons, Fishing Lights that can be submerged were developed that slide beneath the surface and light up the depths. Battery-powered, 12-volt, LED and fluorescent models are available, with white,green or blue lights. Great for Crappie,Flounder Shrimp, Speckled Trout,Walleye,Tuna,White Bass Lobster,Red Fish,Squid and more. Mountable or Dock Fishing Lights are used to illuminate the water to attract fish, fishing line, allowing the angler to see, rather than just feeling, line movement. In recent years, floating lights with more energy-efficient LED or fluorescent illumination have become widely available. Also, green and blue fishing lights have become available in addition to white. Power for these models may come from standard 12-volt alligator clips. The best also have long, safely insulated cords. Fishing Lights in different colors for anglers everywhere have now become common accessories for many different types of fishing. Fresh or Saltwater, Recreational, Sport or just catching live bait using a fishing light can up your game. Choosing a color depends on what you are fishing for. So, Click Here for more information.

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Attention All Anglers!! Fall Fishing Season Is Here!!

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Yep. Thats right. Fall Fishing Season in Here. And To Celebrate We are Having A Sell. Thats Right Everything Is Sale!! Fishing Waders,Wading Boots,Rod Reel Combos,Wade Right Belt,Hydro Glow Fishing Lights And More. Visit Us On-line At:

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Here Are Some Links To Some Of The Latest Outdoor News We Wanted To Share.


If you have never been to the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center, near Mansfield, GA., you need to make plans to go soon. Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center, named for the first director of what is now the Wildlife Resources Division, offers outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, shooting and birding along with educational programs and a conference center, banquet hall and hotel-styled lodging, all within an hour’s drive of Atlanta. The 6,400 acres include Marben Public Fishing Area and Clybel Wildlife Management Area. Come out to one of these events, or just to explore one day! It will be worth the trip.

UPCOMING EVENTS (Pre-Registration Required for Many Events):

FWC wants boaters to stay safe while tubing

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Subject: Fishing Wader Safety Rules!!

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All of us here at feel it’s always important to keep Safety as the #1 priority when out in the water!!

Always keep these rules in mind when wading in any body of water. There are obvious and not so obvious dangers inherent with wading. Following these tips will help you experience a safe and enjoyable trip.
Always use a wading staff  to feel the bottom before stepping.
Never wade alone!!    Always wear waders that fit properly.
Wear a wading belt to create a seal between your body and the waders. All of our Breathable Fishing Waders include a free wading belt and repair kit.
In rivers and streams, identify potential dangers down current such as waterfalls, log jams or undertows before entering the water.
Walk slowly, smoothly and carefully.   Wear a personal floatation device.  Be aware of tides, currents and water level changes.
If you fall, don’t panic!! Don’t fight the current, work with it. Allow the current to drift you downstream as you work your body towards the bank.
Never  continue wading if your waders are full of water!!
Here is a great video by MO Waters (Missouri Dept. of Conservation) on Wader Safety.
Just wanted to pass that along.  We want you to continue to be able to go out in the water for years to come, so always remember – Safety First!
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Happy Wading,
Fishing Waders
P.S. Don’t forget your Wading Boots to go with your DLX Breathable Stockingfoot Waders. Also at a 25% discount special price!! We have Felt Sole, Ultra-Lite Deluxe, Eco Smart Soles.
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