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See The Wade Right Belt in Action!!

Dunk Your Lures, Not Your Reels!!

Have you ever needed an extra hand while wade fishing, but you couldn’t put down your rod and reel?

And what do you do when you catch a fish and you’re wading in belly deep water?? No more chewing on the cork of your rod handle or trying to hold the rod under your arm. We’ve all been there and the end result is inevitable….we dunk our rod and reels!! The WADE Right Belt  is the solution to prolonging the life of your fishing reels.  This Free Video will Show you How The Wade Right Belt:

  • Provides the angler the freedom to safely use both hands!!
  • Helps to prolong the life of your rod and reels.
  • Can be outfitted with tackle accessories.
  • Available in 5 colors: Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Green.
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Trout Season Begins in Georgia!!

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March 30 Brings Opening Day of Seasonal Trout Streams

Cold-water north Georgia streams are receiving plenty of trout stockings in time for the opening day of seasonal trout streams Saturday, March 30, 2013.  In all, more than 1 million trout will be stocked by the end of this year, thanks to efforts by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

“Hatchery conditions have been good this winter and we have great quality trout, including some beautiful brook trout thanks to both state and federal hatcheries, ready to help us meet our goal of replenishing stocked streams before opening day,” says John Lee Thomson, trout stocking coordinator for the Wildlife Resources Division. “Recent rains are contributing to good stream flows and will give us the opportunity to spread fish out, making way for another excellent opening week of the Georgia trout season.”

Some popular seasonal streams include Cooper Creek in Union County, Wildcat Creek in Rabun County, Dicks Creek in Lumpkin County and Johns Creek in Floyd County.  It should be noted that Wildcat Creek in Rabun County will be stocked and open for camping this year.  The Boggs Creek area in Lumpkin County will also be stocked, but open for day-use only.

The daily limit is eight trout on general regulation trout waters. Anglers are reminded to respect private property rights along streams flowing through private lands and to obtain permission before fishing on private property.

Anglers must possess a current Georgia fishing license and a trout license to fish in designated trout waters and to fish for or possess trout.  Anglers must also possess a wildlife management area license or Georgia Outdoor Recreation Pass (GORP) in order to fish on certain WMAs.  Find a list of designated areas at .

Where can you get a license? Buy it online, find a list of retail license vendors or buy it by phone at 1-800-366-2661.

For more on trout fishing, download a free Georgia trout stream map and other trout fishing tips from the Wildlife Resources Division at or call (770) 535-5498.

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To Caddis Fishing Waders innovations are everything and “new” means nothing unless it solves real  problems! Yet, year after year, countless “new” wading products hit the shelves. And there they sit, and sit, and sit, while the newest innovations from Caddis are already gone… wading mountain streams, icy marshes, pristine lakes and everywhere in between. Fishing Waders Pro is proud to offer the newest innovations. Caddis Fishing Waders were first to offer the unique All-In-One Breathable and the first to incorporate CaddisDry Technology.

Caddis DLX Breathable Fishing Waders. The ultimate in light weight design for comfort with heavy duty polyester material. Seams are taped, glued and stitched to keep water out. Stockingfoots are made of high density neoprene soles and are taped inside and out. The perfect all-around breathable waders. CaddisDry Breathable Technology to keep water out, warmth in, Caddis DLX Breathable Fishing Waders are the number one selling Waders in North America and Proudly Made in the USA.

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When it comes to popular priced waders you’ll find Fishing Waders Pro has the most comprehensive line of sizes for men, women and youth to meet our customers needs. If it weren’t for Caddis Breathable Waders, you’d have a lot less for rods, flies, line and everything that makes for the perfect day on the water. Of course, the question everyone always asks is, “How can they still include all the quality without the high cost? The answer is simple… simplicity! Caddis Breathable Waders are fast becoming the most popular wader around. That means we can manufacture our CaddisDry fabric in huge quantities, at a far lower cost right here in the USA. And since we keep the design simple, with just the core features you require, the end result is a better wader, at a better price.

No wonder we’ve become the go-to choice of outdoor enthusiasts from coast-to-coast. Beyond the strength of innovation and products we produce is the strength of our warranty. We back them like we build them, with a complete and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s not just about “new” products. It’s about forethought, engineering, design and quality manufacturing that combines to solve the realities of playing and working in the outside world. It’s about leading!

Visit us at: Fishing Waders Pro to view our selection of Caddis Fishing Waders made of quality breathable, neoprene, rubber materials like DLX Breathable Stockingfoot Waders, Northern Guide (“Guide Tough”) is how to best describe the Northern Guide Breathable Wader line. These rugged and versatile waders offer top of the line features that make them the best value around. Neoprene Chest Waders. Designed to be an affordable wading option that provides comfort in colder situations. We also offer fishing gear in brand names you know and trust. Fishing Rod and Reels, Tackle Boxes, Wading Shoes, Fishing Vest and more.

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Hi, Fishing Waders Pro.

Our complimentary Free Newsletter is all about helping you select the best fishing products for your outings. Join our newsletter to receive the lastest Sales Special, Discount, Advice, Tip, Product Reviews and more. I just wanted to let you know that you can now grab our popular DLX Breathable Stockingfoot Waders at 25% off! 

Here’s where you can claim your 25% discount:

For Men:

For Ladies:

For Youth:

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We’re holding this special sale as a way to say THANK YOU !!


Claim Your DLX Breathable Stockingfoot Waders And Get All This!


If the 25% discount isn’t enough to have you heading to our special page, these special features will surely do the trick:

* Attractive 2 Tone Taupe Color

* 100% Waterproof, Breathable Construction

* Caddis Dry Breathable Fabric Technology

* Reinforced Knees

* Attached Gravel Guards

* New Quad Pocket

That’s a lot of features …and you get it all when you claim your DLX Breathable Stockingfoot Waders at 25% off.

Happy Wading,

Fishing Waders Pro

P.S. Don’t forget your Wading Boots to go with your DLX Breathable Stockingfoot Waders. At a 25% discount special price. We have Felt Sole, Ultra-Lite Deluxe, Eco Smart Soles.

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See The Wade Right Belt in Action!! Dunk Your Lures, Not Your Reels!!

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Have you ever needed an extra hand while wade fishing but you couldn’t put down your rod and reel? And what do you do when you catch a fish and you’re wading in belly deep water?? No more chewing on the cork of your rod handle or trying to hold the rod under your arm. We’ve all been there and the end result is inevitable….we dunk our rod and reel!! The WADE Right is the solution to prolonging the life of your fishing reel. For starters, the WADE Right is a wading belt without being a belt. It was designed to bring your fishing gear up off of the waistline by carrying it along the chest and shoulder. It will provide you the freedom to safely use both hands while fishing. Now you can handle that big trout or re-tie your knot without worrying about dunking your rod and reel.  

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Click Here to see the Wade Right Belt in Action: This angler is using a WADE Right from Fishing Waders Pro. Notice that he put his rod and reel in the rod tube on his WADE Right. This freed up both of his hands where he could handle the fish and not submerge his $180 fishing reel in the saltwater. To learn more about the WADE Right please visit:      

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The WADE Right holds a rod and reel behind the anglers shoulder ensuring that it is out of the water. Conventional belts hold an anglers gear along the waist. We have all been there…one step we are in thigh deep water and the next, the water is up to our belly button. When this happens, everything on the waistline is under water. The WADE Right rod holder is also designed to hold the fishing rod and reel at an angle away from the wade fisherman. This allows the angler to carry a second rod without it interfering with the rod and reel that is currently being used. The rod tube comes standard angles to the left for right handed fishermen but it can easily be adjusted to angle to the right for any left handed fishermen. Get yourself a WADE Right and dunk your lures not your reels!! Color options available are Black, Red, Blue, Pink & Green. Contact us for customize options.

Harsh saltwater can ruin a fishing reel which leads to costly repairs and eventual replacement of expensive fishing equipment. Not to mention, a ruined fishing reel could cut your trip short!! The WADE Right assists anglers while wade fishing by allowing them to outfit the belt in any way they choose. Whether you are a gear junky and pack heavy or you just want to carry a few lures, the WADE right can be customized to work for all wade fishing anglers.  Click Here to view the Wade Right Belt and all the accessories available.

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