Bass Fishing in Central Florida

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When you go fishing in different places in the U. S. you will see many different types of lakes and rivers.

Each body of water has its own characteristics but they also have a lot
of things in common. And that is where the lakes and rivers in Central Florida are different.

It is known that Central Florida is famous for Bass Fishing. They have the best lakes in Florida
because they have the finest largemouth bass any other lakes could give. Bass Fishing in Central Florida is
world class throughout the year.

The reproduction of these fish occurs between December and April at which time the bass
will be at their heaviest. Eight to ten pound trophy class fish are possible on any given day, with a chance
at even a larger bass.

Also Central Florida is famous for the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes where the finest largemouth bass can be found. Central Florida
bass fishing is known world wide. Avid fishermen from all over the world take their vacations here in
order to see and catch their own world-class wall mounts.

Before you go fishing for bass in Central Florida, you have to first consider that bass fish have different
characteristics. And they are as follows.

Shallow water fish or literal zone fish. These bass fish live and survive in shallow water
near the shore line. Of course when there are fish in the shallow, there are also fish that live in deep
water. The last are the classes of gypsies. These bass fish live in deep-water home but they can also
survive near the shore.

You might be wondering where in Central Florida you can catch these bass fish. Here is a list of lakes where you can find the
finest and the best bass fishing in all of Central Florida.

Lake Tohopekaliga or the Lake Toho. Florida’s Trophy Largemouth fisheries are found on Lake Tohopekaliga or “Lake Toho”. It is
where the B.A.S.S is held. Lake Cypress and Lake Kissimmee. Try to visit these lakes. And you will never regret it.

The following are important guides for fishing bass in Central Florida. Before going fishing.

1. Be sure that the boats you are going to use are fully equipped with all U.S. Coast Guard safety equipment, a cell phone,a first aid kit for
emergency purposes. Be sure you have the proper fishing license. Make sure to check all of your fishing gear.
Make sure everything is in good condition. Replace anything that is not. And always put safety first.

2. It is a must to consider the weather condition. You should leave the water when a storm comes or if there is lightning in the area.

3. You should start to fish early in the morning or in the evening because bass are active during cooler temperatures.

4. Use artificial fishing lures or live bait to catch the bass. This is an effective technique because bass are not as aware when they are feeding.

5.Bring extra rods and reels. You might need them. If you are planning on doing any shore or wade fishing.
A good quality, affordable pair of waders and or wading boot should be purchased. Lots of accessories can be purchased.
A wade fishing belt, to hold your tackle and keep it dry.

But if you feel like you want a guide services to help you, you can just search for them on the internet. They charge you a
certain amount. But it is an expense I am sure will be worth it. You will like the pleasure that bass fishing will give you.

As a reminder do not forget to bring with you your sunglasses and sunscreen because it does get hot out there.

Make sure you have your camera so, you can take pictures to save those memories. Because
you will definitely want to share them when you get home.

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Surf Fishing

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Surf Fishing is fishing off the bank or beach. Standing on the shoreline or wading the surf. Surf fishing refer to all kinds of shore fishing. – from sandy and rocky beaches, rock jetties or fishing piers. With a few exceptions, surf fishing is usually done in salt water.  Surf fishing is usually done at night to follow the feeding habits of many different types of fish.

Surfcasting refers more to fishing from the beach by casting into the surf. Basic surf fishing can be done with a fishing rod about nine feet or longer, with a suitable spinning, bait cast, spin cast, or fly reel.  Terminal tackle is also needed, along with bait and lures. Terminal tackle is the hooks, swivels, lines and leaders at the far on the line.

Surf Fishers should have an assortment of tackle, fishing rods and reels of various lengths, lures and  bait.  Depending on conditions, the type of fish they are trying to catch, surfcasters  choose rod and reel, bait, lures, terminal tackle to the size and species of fish there are trying to catch. Rod and reels, tackle and other equipment should be able to resist the corrosion and abrasiveness of salt and sand.  Surf fishers who use lures, cast and retrieve them to try to get the species they are trying to catch to bite. The different lures for surf fishing are spoons, plugs, soft plastics, and jigs.  Surf fishers usually add items such as flashlights, headlamps, light sticks for night fishing.

Other types of equipment used by surf fishers to improve comfort, convenience and effectiveness are fishing waders, used to wade out into the surf to gain distance from the shore. Full length, chest-high waders are the most popular, in order to provide protection against the pounding surf, the extra reach by wading out from shore, improved footing, protection for feet and legs from sharp bottom objects and sting/biting fish and crustaceans and protection from the cold temperatures. Surf fishers prefer boot footed to stocking footed models, boot footed waders eliminates the sand and rocks from getting into the wading boots. In areas where fishing from slippery rocks, or mossy and slimy rock jetties, cleated boots with or without felt soles are used to improve footing and enhance safety.  

Surfcasting is a casting technique which separates the surfcaster for ordinary fishing. Specialized, two-handed casting  is used to cast the bait or lure the added distance  to reach feeding inshore fish.  The entire body rather than just the arms, are used to deliver the cast.  Beachcasting  is a popular form of fishing all over the coast. Beachcasters use very long fishing rods, usually between twelve  and sixteen feet in length.  Standing on the beach or shoreline beach casters will cast out with either a water filled float, or a lead weight weighing 120g to 200 g. Bait used for this form of fishing might be limpets, mussels, lugworm, ragworm, sandeel, mackerel strip, squid, peeler crab and or razor fish. Artificial flies and spinners may be used for mackerel or bass.

With any water sport care must be taken for safe participation. Surf fishing is usually done in rough water and at night. Powerful waves and strong undertows can cause serious injury or death if proper safety is not followed.  Areas to be fished should be checked in low tide conditions. Sudden drop offs or dangerous conditions hidden at high tide should be noted. Any fisher wearing waders should be wearing a wader belt to keep waders from filling with water in the event one falls in the surf. A personal flotation device should be considered.  Since lures and hooks have razor sharp points, it is a good idea to have a quality pair of cutting pliers capable of cutting the hooks you are fishing with.

Surf fishing can be a enjoyable and memorable experience for all. Be sure to follow all safety guidelines for the area you will be fishing. Check your equipment and  make sure you got what you need.  Explore the area where you are going to be fishing, note any and all possible dangers. Visit us at :    to view our selection of fishing products we have available to order waders, rod & reels, lures and more today. 

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There Here!! Fishing Waders Pro is Proud to Announce the Addition of Slater Jigs!!

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Visit our Fishing Lures to view the latest additions to our products.

Slater’s Jigs & Outdoor Products was started by Eddie Slater, 7 Times Crappie Fishing Champion of Mississippi. Eddie spent much of his time designing and developing the World Famous Slater’s Jigs, Fishing Poles, Reels, and Line Guides, plus many other superb outdoor products.

Visit our Fishing Lures to view the latest additions to our products.

As you browse our line of fishing lures, please keep in mind that each of our items come with a satisfaction guarantee. We want to make sure you receive only the finest quality fishing Lures and that you are satisfied with your order. We offer Crank Baits, Spinner Baits, Buzz Bait, Spoon Bait, Rattle Trap, Fly Baits, Slater Jigs in brand names you know and trust.

Please be sure to contact us if you don’t find what you’re looking for or if you’d like to suggest an item. We appreciate your business and hope that you’ll make  your online Fishing Products store.

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Fishing Tackle Out With The Old and In With The New!!

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Spring is in  the air, with the mild winter weather that we have had  and the warmer  temperatures. Spring is just around the corner.  It’s time to clean out the old tackle and tackle boxes and replace the old and buy some new. Here in the southeast we are getting ready for Crappie, Brim, Stripper, Largemouth Bass, Catfish and more.

Fishing Tackle and Tackle Boxes are one of the most important things to have in order to enjoy  the great sport of fishing. Fish

Tackle boxes come in just about every style and size imaginable today, from tray boxes, satchel, complete organizing system to a duffle bag with utility boxes to organize all your tackle. Extra outside pocket can hold various Accessories.  From a pair of UV protection sunglasses, a pair gloves, or that cap your need to keep the sun off your face. Made by brands you know and trust. Like Plano, Flambeau, South Bend and Ready 2 Fish which includes tackle.

Rod and Reels for Bait Casting, Fly Fishing, Spinning, and more. As a combo or a separate Rod and Reel for what ever type and species you are fishing for. And don’t forgot the Fishing Vest if your not going on the boat. They have all the pockets to hold everything you need to catch that big one.  You will need Fishing Line so you can enjoy those new rod and reels.

Ok, now that you have your tackle, tackle boxes, rod and reels, fishing vest, fishing line, accessories and more let not forget the bait. Fishing Lures come in a wide variety of styles and sizes for just about every kind of fish imaginable.

And last but least. Always make sure you are dressed properly for your fishing trip. Fishing Waders and Wading Shoes are just as important for enjoying that favorite pastime. Enjoying a favorite pastime with friends and family is a great way to spend a weekend or just an afternoon. The more informed you are will make for a more enjoyable time on any fishing trip.

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