How to Store and Clean Fishing Waders

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Storing and cleaning your fishing waders properly is the best and easiest way to make them last for years. It’s simple and easy to do (especially once you get in the habit of it), and will save you a ton of money long term. Fishing Waders will last for years if they’re stored and cleaned properly. If not stored and cleaned properly then be prepared to have to buy a new pair of waders every few years, and no one wants to have to do that. Packing or storing your waders wet may result in mildew and tape peeling. Taking good care of your fishing waders will ensure many seasons of use. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations for storing and cleaning your fishing waders.

How To Clean Rubber and Neoprene Waders. Neoprene is a durable, rubber-type of material that needs little fuss to keep it in shape. But all gear needs a little attention, and there are a few things you can do to keep your waders in good condition between fishing trips. These steps also apply to Rubber Waders.

1 Rinsing with a hose as soon as possible will help keep your waders in good condition. Taking a garden hose to them. If you don’t have access to a hose, soak them in a bath tub with cool water for 30 minutes.

2 Wash your neoprene waders with a small amount of mild soap. Use a toothbrush or other small, soft brush to scrub out any dirt or stains. Rinse with cool, or lukewarm water.

3 Turn your waders inside out, and hang them up to dry somewhere out of direct sunlight. Find a nice shaded porch or garage, or hang them up over the bathtub while they dry. Hang them up in an area where the water can run off. Turn your waders back right side to dry completely.

4 Drying with a hair dryer can speed the up process, to clean and store quickly. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before cleaning and storing your gear.

How to Clean Breathable Waders

Breathable Waders during the warmer seasons are more comfortable. Dirt can cause a foul odor, and break down the DWR, or durable water repellent. Part of the water-repellent system for breathable waders is to have the fabric’s surface be water repellent. This allows the surface tension of the water to keep the water from soaking into the outer fabric layer and contacting the Gore-Tex membrane. If the water no longer beads up and runs off. Using a product like Revivex can also restore the DWR and improve the waterproofing capabilities of your breathable waders. You can easily give your waders a thorough cleaning with powder detergent. Powdered detergent is recommended because only enough will dissolve to create the cleaning solution. Liquid detergent can have excess detergent floating around the water, and it can stick to the waders (where it may not all be removed by a rinsing).

Step 1 Shake out your breathable waders to remove any dirt build-up. Remove any visible debris by hand and rub down with a clean, dry cloth. Turn them inside out and shake again.

Step 2 Run a bathtub of cold water and mix in two tablespoons of a mild powder detergent. The water in the bathtub only needs to be deep enough to cover the waders. Let the detergent dissolve, and submerge your breathable waders in the water. NEVER apply detergent/soap directly to the waders. Only apply a fully dissolved solution to the waders, because it is nearly impossible to rinse off liquid detergent if it gets down in the fabric.

Step 3 Work the water and detergent through the waders by hand and scrub with a soft brush if needed.

Step 4 Drain the tub and rinse the waders. Keep rinsing until water is clear.

Step 5 Hang waders right side out up by shoulder straps in basement, garage or over bathtub indoors until they are dry. Turn waders inside out to make sure inside is dry as well.

Step 6 Make sure to turn your waders right side out. To Revive the Durable Water Repellent on your waders spray Revivex directly onto the waders. Water Repellentcy can usually be repaired by applying a new coating.

Step 7 Use a hair dryer on the waders to seal in the Rivivex and activate the ingredients. Revivex instructs users to tumble dry after use, but try a hair dryer first and check its efficiency. This could help keep unnecessary heat from damaging your waders.
In conclusion. Waders will last for years if they’re stored and cleaned properly, there’s no doubt about it. Visit us on-line at Fishing Waders Pro.

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